In-chat time-tracking and reporting

The ultimate time-tracking solution for Slack users that allows users to

  • set start working time,
  • run commands for beginning tasks and taking breaks,
  • share statuses with colleagues.

This means employees can easily track their working hours and stay on top of their tasks without manually recording everything.

The application offers many features that can benefit both individuals and teams. For instance, the ability to set reminders for breaks and notifications when tasks are completed ensures that users don’t overwork themselves. Additionally, with the statuses available for the team, the app promotes transparency and accountability.

With the special tools available for managers, they can manage the team efficiently. Proper functionality for managers includes:

  • ability to get reports on team productivity
  • amount of hours spent on a specific project
  • track the start of a working day for each employee

This data can help them identify areas where improvements can be made and optimize workflows for maximum efficiency. Managers can ensure that employees adhere to their designated work schedules, which is especially important in remote work.

Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to efficient, practical workdays with our game-changing time-tracking bot for Slack!

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