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Boost Efficiency with Dashboard Setup

Stas Kulesh
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Apr 07, 2023 · 2 mins read
Boost Efficiency with Dashboard Setup
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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to boost your team’s productivity with Time Bot’s dashboard and stand-up feature! Are you tired of struggling to keep track of your team’s daily activities? With our powerful tools, you’ll gain a bird’s eye view of your team’s progress and help keep everyone focused on their tasks. Whether you’re managing a remote team or looking to optimize your office’s workflow, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to take your productivity to the next level and read on to find out how Time Bot can transform the way you work!

Stay updated with the Stand-Up feature

With our Stand-up feature, Time bot makes it easy for you to stay in the loop with your team’s daily activities.

Simply enable Stand-ups in the Settings section and choose the broadcasting channel. Then, every time your team members start their day, they’ll receive a stand-up message asking three questions that you can customize to suit your needs. Usually, there might be questions about what was finished the previous day, what`s your plans for today, and also if you have any blockers.

Stand-Up feature

If your team members don’t feel like participating, there’s no pressure - they can simply skip it. And the best part? Stand-ups don’t require admins’ active participation - and it won’t send you tons of notifications if you don’t reply back. And if you ever decide that Stand-ups aren’t working for your team, you can easily disable the feature at any time!

Why the Dashboard feature comes in handy

At the heart of Time Bot is its powerful dashboard, which provides an easy-to-understand overview of your day. By color-coding tasks, the dashboard provides a visual representation of the time being spent on each task. Tasks that take more than two hours to complete are represented by the color red, while those that take between one and two hours are represented by yellow, and those that take less than an hour are represented by green.


But that’s not all - the dashboard also includes a handy calendar feature that allows you to go back and view your tasks on any given day. As an administrator, you can even view the system from a high level, as well as from each employee’s perspective.

And when it’s time to generate a time report, Time Bot has you covered. Simply click the “Generate Report” button, and you’ll be able to see a report for a particular employee, including their tasks and the amount of time spent on each one. The report can be sorted to suit your preferences and can even be sent directly to an email address.


In summary, Time Bot’s dashboard is a powerful tool for anyone looking to track their time and manage their tasks more efficiently. With its color-coded system, easy-to-use calendar feature, and report-generation capabilities, Time Bot is sure to become your go-to tool for all things productivity.

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Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh
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